What are landscaping lights?

Landscaping lights are known to light or brighten up your outside area. You could do this for all types of events, get togethers or just for yourself to enjoy. It will help you feel more comfortable in your own space while also having a very pleasant view.

Of course when learning to landscape light your property, you will naturally want to light up everything. This is not the best idea considering your electric bill and also drowning out the yard. We will help you understand what will look best as well as conserving energy. Another thing is that when you choose your lights, you want to give the effect of light without really seeing the source from which the light is coming from.

Knowing where and what kind of light is important. There are many ways to create a setting that is to your liking and getting the right contrast and shadows where they are needed. Once you have found the right setting for you, you can enjoy the comfort of your space at any time of day or night.


How to choose where you want your light

Maybe you have a garden, statue or just a simple plant that you would like to stand out. Giving them a bit of light will help brighten them up and show them off. You may also consider lighting any pathways, entryways, stairs, etc. Just so you so you can get around your property without tripping and make it there safely while enjoying some lit scenery.


Type of landscaping lights

  • Spotlight/flood lighting- Floodlights project over more at a wider range versus spotlights which cover one spot particularly. If you want one specific item to be recognized then a spotlight would be more for you. If you want more than one item to be noticed because it looks better together, then flood lights may be better.
  • Outdoor post lighting- This is better for pathways. Something more subtle than flood lights. They give a nice low but obvious light that helps set the tone and gives a clear path for you to walk. Which one you choose should depend on what compliments. For walkways, the smaller ones that stay closer to the ground work best. This will compliment your surroundings and give you the light you need to see where you are going. If you have a driveway the suggestion is to have taller standing post type lights. They give a wider range of light that will cover the dark areas that need to be visible.
  • Inground lighting- These types of lights can have the same purpose as the outdoor post lights but will not have the same projection or have the same exact effect. They lay flat on the ground and are hidden but do a great job of making your yard features pop and stand out. The inground lights are great for making a dull dark area look brighter and more fun.
  • Water or Pond lights- These will bring a very noticeable and striking difference to water and its surroundings. They will help call attention to the motion of the water while casting dramatic shadows of the grass, flowers etc. They are also made to be in or near water so there won’t be any worry of any electrical hazards!
  • Deck/Step lights- With these types of lights you can highlight the features of the staircase and its surroundings giving you something nice to look at as well as a safe walkway.
  • Hardscape lights- These are used for your walls and fences. They will sweep light across to accent the features and light up the area.