Reason why your lights maybe dimming

Circuit overload- There are many reasons why your lights are dimming. One reason could be too much electrical flow to a certain circuit otherwise known as a circuit overload .

Too many appliances- If your lights flicker or dim when you plug it in, it could either be from it drawing too much power or It could also just be the appliance. You might need to get the appliance repaired or maybe even replaced if you feel it is the problem.

Older home- Having an old home is also a reason for dimming. Some older homes share their circuit with their outlets. This brings us back to circuit overloading. Circuit overloading runs too much power through the house and can cause your lights to dim. Due to the continuous updates and changes of appliances, older homes are not able to keep up with how much power they use.

Loose connections- A loose connection or loose wiring can be created over time through continuous use. It can become worse with the use of over powering appliances. If you feel you have this problem, the best solution for you is to call a trained and licensed electrician. If the problem gets really bad it could potentially cause a fire.

Light bulbs- This is an easier fix. Over time bulbs lose their original light. This is due to it being used all the time. This is normal wear and tear. Changing out your bulbs could fix this problem.

Electrical/Energy supplier- Your electrical provider may not be supplying a regular flow of power because of a possible problem on their end. This could be more of a last resort type of solution. If you have checked everything and your lights still seem to dim, then just give them a shout and check. No harm in trying!


What can cause burning electrical smells?

There are many indicators for why you smell burning or melting plastic. Signs such as a burning smell, charring and/or sparking around your outlets are good reasons to call the fire department. This could be signs of a fire that is starting or one that has already started behind your wall. This can happen if wires are exposed. It can also be from damaged wiring. This can be due to ware and tear from consistent use over a long period of time, or electrical current overload. Another cause could be your wires may not have been installed correctly. Something is exposed or is not the correct outlet for the power it is running. Random objects stuck in your electrical source could also cause a burning smell or fire.

If you want to check all these things out to be extra safe and make sure everything is running properly, try getting a whole home inspection from your friendly licensed electrical technician!